You can count on Midland Marble & Granite for turnkey services regarding kitchen and bathroom renovations. Too often, people go to a big box store, or a small contractor, to get something as important as a stone kitchen countertop. Part way through the process, they discover something’s been missed.


Maybe shims have to be used to elevate the countertop so that it meets the existing backsplash. Perhaps the holes drilled in the countertop don’t match the style of faucet that was bought on a separate occasion. In many cases, you have to find your own crew to take out the old countertop because the big box store “only installs.”


That’s not customer service. That’s frustration! Here at Midland Marble and Granite, we do business that way. We know you don’t install kitchen countertops every day. But we do.


We’ll take you by the hand every step of the way and perform all the labor you need to get the job done. One phone call takes care of tear out, plumbing, and installation. At Midland Marble and Granite, you can leave “frustration” at the door.