2 Weeks Left to Get Countertops Shipped Before Christmas

You heard that right—only two weeks left to get your orders in at Midland Marble and Granite if you’d like them delivered by Christmas. That means November 15th is the deadline if you want it under the tree! Still need to convince your spouse to get you your new countertops as a gift? Have no fear, we’re here to help with this list of top ten negotiations/reasons you should receive a new countertop from Midland Marble and Granite this Christmas.


  1. 1) Save me the trip to the store to return whatever you were going to get me.
  2. Counters for Christmas
  3. 2) It’s the only thing I want. I promise I’ll never ask for anything ever again… until my birthday.
  4. 3)Can you imagine how great these new countertops would look when we have our families over for the holidays? Okay, so my parents aren’t your favorite… At least the countertops will be great for our Super Bowl party!
  5. 4)If you get me this, you can make the basement your man cave.
  6. 5) I took that picture of you at the party last night. Don’t make me post it to facebook.
  7. 6) Cooking is an art; I need a beautiful space if you want the meals at their best. Because with these countertops we have, I feel like spitting in your food.
  8. 7) All my friends have Midland Marble countertops. And look how happy they are to have them! And also to have husbands who can appreciate the value of such appealing countertops.
  9. 8) You can have one night a week with your friends with no curfew.
  10. 9) I’ll let you name the countertop. Yes, anything you want.
  11. 10) Remember that one time I did that thing? Yeah, you owe me.

Now that you’ve brilliantly negotiated your Christmas present, get your order in by November 15th. Make this Christmas one to remember by getting the rock you really want.


Call or stop by Midland Marble today to learn more about their marble and granite countertops, the perfect Christmas present for any home or style.