3 Tips for Choosing a Backsplash

Backsplashes can blend in with your kitchen, or they can act similarly to a room’s accent wall—they allow you to bring an extra touch of personality, energy and warmness to your kitchen. But how do you know you’re choosing the right backsplash for you? Follow these 3 tips for choosing a backsplash and you’ll be on your way to the perfect choice for your kitchen.

Know Your BudgetBudget

It’s the first mistake that we all too often make. That perfect style comes along and we don’t care what it costs, we have to have it. Though it may be look great, your bank account may not be looking so hot afterwards. So be sure to have a budget in mind to ensure you can enjoy your new kitchen backsplash with no regrets. After all, a backsplash is supposed to be a joy, not a downer!

Consider Longevity & Surface Hardness

As with any kitchen piece that sees its fair share of use, backsplashes can wear out over time. If you’re looking to keep the same backsplash for years to come, be sure to ask about its longevity. This not only includes its ability to take a hit from a pot or pan, but also how easily it will stain.

Another great question to ask is what the material should be cleaned with. Being aware now of the cleaning materials that could tarnish your backsplash can keep you from making a costly mistake later.

Give It A Test Run

Not ready to commit to a particular style? Use an adhesive to stick an option in the areas where the backsplashes would be installed. Give it a week and see how you feel when you come home to it. Does it feel like it will be out of style in a couple years? Are the colors too bright or dull for the mood you want your kitchen to exhibit? Does the backsplash clash with your fixtures or countertops?

If the style just isn’t working, there’s no need to worry about reinstallation. Simply pull it down and stick up your next option.

For more advice on choosing the right backsplash, give us a call. At Midland Marble & Granite we offer the best in professional color advice, along with a wonderful selection of colors and styles.