3 Tips for Maintaining Your Marble

Marble stands the test of time, as Michelangelo’s statue of David can attest. This marble masterpiece has been around for over 500 years, and is still going strong. But David’s longevity wouldn’t be possible without upkeep. And yes, you guessed it: the same goes for your marble countertops at home. To ensure their pristine condition for years to come, follow these 3 easy tips for maintaining your marble.

1. Don’t Let Spills Sit

This may sound like a no-brainer, but did you know that even standing water on your marble countertop can cause stains? Marble’s porous nature (even after sealing) allows space for liquids to seep into. So don’t put off cleaning a spill to finish dinner or wrap up your favorite reality show. Don’t worry, the food will still be warm, and the Bachelors will still be steaming.

2. Clean Wisely

Cleaning Marble Countertops

Whereas harder stones like granite can be cleaned with steal wool or a razor blade, the cleaning of marble’s more sensitive surface should be approached with a gentle touch. Avoid using abrasive pads and chemicals (including vinegar, whose acidic composition can corrode marble). Instead, opt for some good ol’ fashioned warm, soapy water. Using a chamois to dry the surface adds an additional benefit: it also shines your marble.

3. Clean Often

Marble is at its best when its surface is at its cleanest. Don’t let the sheen of your marble fall flat from dust and improper cleaning—a quick wipe with a moist cloth now and again can do wonders. A consistently beautiful counter with minimal effort? How great is that? If there ever was a reason to whistle while you work, you’ve found it.


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