5 Reasons to Buy a Granite Countertop

Let’s be honest: between the dings and scratches, the hot pans sat down without a trivet, and everything in between, your kitchen Granite Countertopcounter takes quite a beating. Having the right countertops can help ensure that your kitchen counters (and their beauty) will be around long after you’ve forgiven your husband for spilling that bottle of wine he struggled so hard to open. Check out these five reasons why granite countertops are the right choice for you.

1. Durability

Granite countertops are in it for the long haul—and with occasional maintenance, they’ll last a lifetime. Though susceptible to chips if hard objects collide with the natural stone, granite countertops can be simply repaired with the proper epoxy and granite dust mixture.

2. The Wow Factor

Tired of hiding your countertop beneath trinkets and tissue boxes? Be proud of your countertops! With granite, they’ll go from “bleh” to “wow,” giving you back your kitchen pride, and making your countertops the centerpiece of your cooking domain.

3. Bring Value to Your Home

New roofs, paved driveways, additional rooms—when thinking of ways to improve your home’s value, having new countertops installed rarely makes the list. But with a new granite countertop in your home, you’ll quickly realize why it should be near the top.

4. Resistance to Stains

After sealing, granite is much less likely to stain than other natural stones. This is due in most part to its minimal porosity. Though not stain-proof, granite is highly resistant to keeping stains out and natural beauty in.

5. Scratch Protection

You can ditch the cutting board. That’s right, with a granite countertop you can cut directly on the counter. With granite being one of the hardest natural stones, the only risk is to your knives!


Ready to make the change to granite countertops? From durability to additional home value, granite countertops are a great addition to any kitchen.


If you have questions, call the experts at Midland Marble & Granite. You (and your kitchen) will be glad you did.