Credit Terms

If your application is approved, you agree to all of the terms and conditions of the Revolving Credit Agreement and Disclosure Statement (available at any store), which are incorporated herein by reference. See the Notices to Applicant and Co-Applicant below for additional information about the agreement and the application.

1. This application will be submitted to Citicorp Trust Bank, fsb, a federal savings bank (the “Bank”), whose mailing address is PO Box 22060, Tempe, AZ 85285-2060. 2. You authorize the Bank to gather information about you (including obtaining your consumer report from consumer reporting agencies and gathering information from employers, your banks, and other sources) in evaluating this application, and if this application is approved, thereafter for purposes of updates, renewals, extensions of credit, reviews and collection of your Account. If you ask the Bank, the Bank will tell you whether or not the Bank requested a consumer report for you and the names and addresses of any consumer reporting agencies that provided it such reports. 3. If this application is not approved, you authorize the Bank and the merchant to furnish all of your application information to other possible financing sources for credit programs such other sources may offer, and you authorize such other sources to gather information about you (including obtaining your consumer report from consumer reporting agencies) in evaluating you for credit. 4. Do not agree to this application before you read the Revolving Credit Agreement and Disclosure Statement (the “Agreement”). You acknowledge receipt of the Agreement before making any purchases under the Agreement. 5. Paragraph 22 of the Agreement provides that you grant the Bank a security interest in goods for certain purchases made with your Account. 6. Paragraph 27 of the Agreement contains provisions requiring arbitration of various claims and controversies. 7. Any married person may apply for a separate account. 8. If this application is agreed to by the Applicant and Co-Applicant, you acknowledge that you are applying to the Bank for joint credit and that if this application is approved, each of you will be liable under the Agreement for all credit extended under the Agreement to either or both of you.

You MUST sign a copy of this form in person at a Midland Marble & Granite store in order to have final approval. This application is a preliminary, on-line form and is subject to all terms and conditions as the original form.

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