metal-2863441__340Concepts: Black Cabinets for Small Kitchens

Below are some creative ideas for using dark stained or black kitchen cabinets in small kitchen spaces. These are guaranteed not to make your small kitchen feel crowded or cramped at all:
1. Contrast with black kitchen islands. A kitchen island is a convenient design idea because it adds additional work space for food preparation, or even additional seating for guests. If you place a black colored kitchen island, surrounded by a light colored kitchen, it becomes the centerpiece. The rest of the kitchen remains spacious to look at because the island appears smaller. The dark stained kitchen cabinets around the black island should have glass doors, which disperse light. The additional light makes the kitchen look bigger. You can make the kitchen island mobile if you have a small kitchen, so that you could move it in and out of the kitchen.
2. Glass door inserts. Even if you have black or dark-stained cabinets all around your tiny kitchen, you can have an illusion of more space by using glass door inserts. With glass doors, you see through the cabinet boxes. You could even have etched glass or frosted glass if you do not like clear glass. They can reflect more light throughout your small kitchen, giving the illusion of more space.
3. Open shelving. Now that you’ve decided to have black cabinets in your kitchen, you can break up the monotony by having open shelving. This makes your kitchen space more open because the cabinets are not closed at all. If you combine the open black cabinets with light colored backsplashes and wall paint, the kitchen will not feel cramped anymore. Gettysburg, PA residential paint services secialists will take into account your needs, discuss deadlines, color and sheen options.
4. Good lighting and light transitions. These help a lot in brightening your small kitchen, making it look a lot bigger even if you have black cabinets. You can have light colored countertops that have dark-colored patterns that incorporate your cabinets. Your backsplashes can have light-colored or glass tiles, which help disperse light with their luminosity and shimmer. You can choose a light color for your walls, to help your countertops become brighter.

Your small kitchen can still appear more spacious with black kitchen cabinets. Your hardwood flooring and marble countertop should be light-colored to provide more light to your small kitchen. For more information, please don’t hesitate to talk to our experts at A touch of guidance can help you achieve the perfect small kitchen you have always wanted.

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