Caring for Granite Countertops: Dos and Don’ts

How To Keep Your Granite Countertops Like New

Caring for your granite countertops is easiest by avoiding bad habits and maintaining their good condition. Surfaces with solid material such as granite require care to protect them from further damage. The only way to do this is to tend to any activity that might affect the integrity of your granite countertop.


• Use a soft cloth and sponge to clean the surface.
A natural granite or natural stone cleaner to keep your granite countertop looking like new while protecting the sealant. For easy cleaning, use hot water. It isn’t ideal to use soapy water because residue from it will accumulate and dull the granite’s shine.
• Clean up spills right away.
Food and drinks that contain acids could possibly stain and even damage your granite countertop. Fruit juices, wine, sodas, tomato sauce, and coffee should be wiped up immediately or they will leave their mark. Same goes for cooking oil.
• Place hot pads and trivets under hot pans and pots.
If you just rescued boiling hot stew from the stovetop, do not place it directly on top of your granite countertop. This is to protect the surface from any possible damage from cracks or thermal shock, which is rare. Hot pads and trivets also protect granite countertops from the friction caused by grit that gets between the pans and pots and the surface.
• Always use a chopping board.
To keep your knives from dulling and to avoid scratching the solid granite surface, it is best to use a cutting or a chopping board. Slicing directly on stone will damage the edges of your knives right away. Never use your granite countertop as a surface for cutting or chopping anything.
• Put coasters under bottles, cans, and glasses.
Sealed granite, like marble, is impervious to stains. It won’t even etch. Using coasters is just a precautionary to protect your granite countertop.


• Clean with orange-, vinegar-, lemon-, or ammonia-based cleaners.
If the granite countertop manufacturer doesn’t recommend the cleaner, you shouldn’t use it. Just a soft cloth and warm water are enough for cleaning granite countertops.
• Use common cleaning products.
Household cleaning products like glass cleaners and bleach have alkalis and acids that deteriorate granite sealant, etch the surface, and makes the granite surface susceptible to staining.
• Stand or sit on granite countertops.
Granite, like marble and quartz, is not flexible. This type of stone countertop also doesn’t have any plywood backing so putting a lot of pressure on it can cause cracks.
Your granite countertop was meant to be an investment when you had it installed. It should always be maintained the best way you can so that it can last for generations to come. Vigilance and consistency are key in making sure its integrity and shine endure everyday activities.

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