Can I scratch it?

You won’t scratch it with normal kitchen utensils.

What type of maintenance does it require?

Just clean with soap and water. It’s as simple as that!

Will it ever break?

Granite and marble are extremely strong and durable, but anything can break if you hit it hard enough or apply too much pressure. Just use reasonable care and your natural stone countertop will last a lifetime.

Do I need to polish it to keep it shiny?

Sealing it once a year, along with a polish at the same time will help keep the surface’s sheen at its best.

Why is natural stone worth more than engineered stone?

Why is a real diamond worth more than zirconium? The same principles apply here. Each and every natural stone countertop is its own work of art, dug out of the center of the earth after millions of years in the making. In fact, don’t look for a “perfect” slab. The “flaws” are what gives a natural stone countertop its character and, hence, its one-of-a-kind value.