Get Granite Countertops in Your Home in 4 Simple Steps

You know you’ll always get the best quality granite at Midland Marble & Granite—but did you know getting granite countertops can be done in 4 simple steps?

1. Pick out the perfect granite

A quick trip to one of Midland Marble and Granite’s store locations and you’ll be in granite heaven. Pick from the highest quality granite imported from around the world, with each slab showcasing its own unique characteristics. Not finding the exact design that suits your style? Just ask! An associate will be happy to show you alternate options.

2. Get a quote

The craftsmen at Midland Marble & Granite can cut any slab to fit your home, ensuring the integrity of the granite’s veins and patches are seamless in its design. Before this step, an associate will need to learn more about your project and your space. After you’ve accepted their quote and purchased the job, measurements can begin.

3. Get Measured

This begins with an appointment to take precise measurements of your home with a state-of-the art laser system. With measurements stored in their tablet, the Midland Marble & Granite professionals will pass on the schematics to the granite artisans, who get to work cutting your granite to exact specifications.

4. Get your granite installed

The big day has come—your countertops are about to receive a boost in beauty and you couldn’t be happier. Too bad you have to take a day off of work. Right? Not with Midland Marble & Granite! That’s right, you can leave for work in the morning and come home to brand new granite countertops at night. Our expert installers don’t want to create work for you, which is why they leave behind a clean work area. All you’ll have to deal with are the loads of compliments you’ll be receiving from friends and family.

For the highest quality granite and service in Kansas City and Omaha, call Midland Marble & Granite. In no time, you’ll be on your way to having brand new countertops that will be the talk of the neighborhood. Call today to get your FREE quote.