What Your Granite Countertop Says About Your Personality

The beauty of granite lies in each slab’s unique collection of colors. From browns and reds to blues and grays, your color choices can say a lot about who you are. But like our personalities, granite countertops are complex; they’re a mosaic of colors, shades, and designs. Read on to find out what your granite countertop says about your personality.

Your Personality Blue Stone


You are an answer seeker, an independent spirit whose ability to touch life is admired by those around you. Could it be possible that you like blue because “the sky’s the limit”? We think you know the answer.





Your Personality Green StoneGreen

You’ve been described as “a lover, not a fighter,” but if anyone messes with your friends or family, you’re not afraid to stand up. Your goal-oriented life style keeps you driven to always do better. You’re no stranger to adversity, always picking yourself up by your proverbial bootstraps and getting back into the game with a smile and a lesson learned.





Your Personality Black StoneBlack

Besides being a fan of a timeless color, you are also a fan of staying ahead of the curve. Yes, you could have chosen that bright blue granite to really add a spark to the kitchen. But you chose to hold back. After all, accent colors are where the beauty is. You’re subtle—and it shows.





Your Personality Brown StoneBrown

Earthy colors suit you. And why shouldn’t they? Simplicity is where your comfort lies, and getting back to nature is the definition of simplified beauty.





Your Personality Orange StoneOrange

Energy. You’ve got a lot of it and you want to share it with others. You also believe that people are good at heart. In fact, if you could bottle optimism, you’d sell it from an honor box. The world is your oyster, and you’re ready to get shucking.





If you’re not sure what colors best suit you, Midland Marble and Granite has a professional staff ready to help guide you on your journey to discovering the colors that fit you best. Stop by the showroom or call today.