Natural materials and sustainability make up the running theme for the interiors this year. In choosing the right designs for spring and summer, the aim is to come up with concepts that last and not something you get bored with easily.

Here are some of the main trends for 2019’s spring and summer designs:

  • The Recycled Kitchen. Reused materials can function well in the kitchen. Ikea has thought of recycled wood, enveloped by plastic foil made from PET bottles. This type of material can be combined with brass taps wooden kitchen worktops, adorned with plants. The final product is a war place to prepare meals and even entertain guests.


  • Amazing textures. French Connection has just launched a range of beddings that emphasizes natural materials. It aims to create a home, cozy atmosphere, especially when combined with tactual cushions and throw pillows. The collection is a commemoration of craftsmanship, using hand-finished methods and raw materials.


  • Mustard color. This design color is perfect during the warmer months. From small touches of mustard, the color is already spreading into large furniture. Mustard is versatile because it can work with a lot of colors including white, millennial pink, indigo blue, and teal.


  • Open shelving. Since everything needs to look refreshing, you don’t need closed cabinets anymore. Open shelves are the best way to show off your design pieces especially those gorgeous plates and cutlery in the kitchen. Metal frames as open cabinets work best. They go well with any type of theme throughout the home.


  • Organic ceramics. These are handmade pieces decorated with subtle design patterns. Vases and jugs that are embossed will work well in your home. Just fill them with foraged stems or beautiful flowers.


Natural flooring such as hardwood flooring Kansas City  is the order of the day. Sustainable hardwood flooring and tiles make up the bulk of the decorating themes.

Granite or marble countertops, Kansas City are the best way to go in the summer of 2019. Keeping it natural is the order of the day when you are doing kitchen remodeling.


  • Scalloped. Furniture with scalloped edges are attractive. You can also find this design in tile, bedheads and basins. It just brings you back to the age of art deco. This design trend comes in bold colors so combine with various patterns and prints.


This spring and summer, be more creative and experimental with your interior designs. If you have old furniture or decorative pieces, reuse them. With the right textures and colors, you can have a brand new, refreshing look for your home without spending a lot. Try the given trends and see your living space come to life!