Hardwood vs Tile: Pros and Cons

When it comes to our homes, we all want beautiful flooring that’s resistant to daily life and doesn’t need hours of maintenance a week. Enter the two heavy hitters: hardwood and tile, both with their strengths and weaknesses. Which is better for your home? Read on to find out.


Hardwood vs Tile Daily Use


If you’ve ever been to a home with both hardwood floors and an excitable pet, you’ve probably noticed quite a bit of slipping and sliding. Since a pet isn’t an animal version of Tom Cruise in Risky Business, you won’t appreciate their claws scratching on the wood, leaving you with the need to refinish more often. Keeping a pet’s nails trimmed, encouraging good house manner and strategically placing rugs around the house can all be big money savers.

Wear and tear from people feet occurs in areas of higher foot traffic. Placing a rug over this are can help lengthen the lifetime of your hardwood.


While carpet may dampen footsteps, tile has little sound dampening properties. Though tile can resist your pet’s nails, still consider placing rugs around the room to help dampen sound.

Bonus: add a radiant heating system to keep you—and your bare feet—comfy in the colder months.


Tile FlooringHardwood

With consistent sweeping, vacuuming and use of a wood floor cleaner, a hardwood floor can last over 100 years. Just make sure to keep up with it, and your hard work will pay off.



Unless a spill has occurred, tile is very low-maintenance. An occasional vacuuming and dusting will keep your tile looking new. Seal the grout and your tile floor will be a pro at resisting water and other liquids.


Home Value


Hardwood floors are typically viewed as a pleasant addition, rather than a standard part of a home. The increased price home buyers are willing to pay because of this extra touch can greatly increase your home’s value. Though pricier than tile flooring, hardwood floors can pay off in the long run.



Like hardwood, tile flooring can increase the resale value of your home. Tile is a timeless choice that, if taken care of properly, can last for decades. Choose darker, earthy tones for a look that’s sure to stay in style.


Whether you’re looking for hardwood or tile for your home, call the experts at Midland Marble & Granite. Their professional staff will answer any questions you have and will even provide a free estimate.