How to Prevent Damage to Your Granite Countertops

Keeping Your Counter Tops Like New

You’ve waited your whole life and saved up for those gorgeous granite countertops. But while they look amazing, you want to keep them as beautiful for as long as you can. There are a few great ideas you can use in order to completely avoid many of the headaches you face.

Sealers are a great way to protect your countertops. These sealers apply a clear coat over the top of the counter. Unsealed countertops deal with stains and can lose some of their luster over time. When you hire a professional to install your granite countertops, you have the confidence that they will take the initial procedures to protect it.
Remember that hot items should not be placed directly on the granite. If you do, this can cause damage from the base of a pan or even a plate you didn’t realize was hot. In this case, you would want to have a hot pad to set it down.

When you are cooking in the kitchen, use a plate or a cutting board. When placed on the counter, you avoid accidentally scratching the surface. A scratch or imperfection may be unsightly, fortunately they are easy to avoid.

When you wipe down your countertops, a mild detergent will do. Since they are sealed, a little hot water and soap will clean them up. You can always retreat the surface to maintain the shine if you desire. It is important to avoid chemicals as it will strip off the sealer.