How to Maintain Your Granite Countertops

What makes a house a home? A personalized touch. Some choose to hang art on the walls, while others prefer to adorn their yard with lawn flamingos. Whatever style you choose to make a home of your house, granite countertops are an undeniably classy touch. More than simple monetary value, granite countertops add sensory appeal. The unique visual characteristics, the sheen that says “welcome home”—every element of design and presentation of granite adds to a cozy, warm environment. But like our homes (and lawn flamingos), to keep them looking their best, maintenance is required. Read on to find out how to maintain your granite countertops.


Seal the Deal

Midland Marble & Granite Rock Solid WarrantyMost of Midland Marble & Granite’s granite countertops come with a 30-year sealant, making the typical rule of “seal one a year” obsolete. However, if you’ve purchased your granite countertops elsewhere, an annual or bi-annual sealing may be in order. Easy-to-use sealing sprays can be found at your local hardware store, making the sealing process as simple as spraying and wiping. Keeping the seal maintained ensures your granite countertops will be protected from most “oopsie daisy” moments. But be aware that not all stones take the same sealing application.



Keep it Clean

cleanwithsoapJust as all stones have their own unique surfaces, so too do they need their own products and methods for cleaning. In the world of granite cleaning, neutral cleaners work best. Don’t have time to get to the store? Make your own cleaner! It’s easy as mixing a mild dishwashing liquid with warm water. Be sure not to go too heavy on the dishwashing liquid, though, as doing so can leave a film on the surface of your granite.


For a quick clean up, look for stone wipes. Cleaners in wipe form make it simple and effortless to maintain great looking granite countertops.

Don’t use any acidic cleaning products, including vinegar, ammonia, or lemon juice, as they can dull or etch your countertops. Also avoid using scouring creams or powders. These abrasive materials can cause severe damage to your granite.


After a wine or juice spill, quickly clean up the liquids to avoiding possible staining. Using coasters for glasses containing dark juices can help prevent small stains created from drips of liquid coming down the edge of the glass (which you may not even notice after a glass or two of wine!).


If your purchase from Midland Marble & Granite is not covered by a stain warranty, have no fear. Midland Marble will provide you with professional recommendations for cleaning.



countertopmaintenanceRegular dusting, a thorough rinse with water after cleaning, and keeping track of your granite’s seal are all part of maintaining the sensory appeal for which you originally bought your granite countertops. That little extra care will ensure your countertops remain a cornerstone of the personalized touch that makes your house a home.


For information on a maintenance service for sealing and/or cleaning, or to purchase granite for your home, call the experts at Midland Marble & Granite.




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