Marble Countertops: 5 Wonderful Advantages

Marble Countertops: 5 Wonderful Advantages

When you see a kitchen that has marble countertops you see elegance and a timelessness. They’re luxurious and luminous and they bring a brightness that such options as granite and soapstone just cannot duplicate.

If you’re looking for a stone that’s more resistant to scratches, breaking, or even cracks then marble is a great choice. It’s a natural stone which makes it much more durable. Marble is not as hard as granite, in spite of its superior durability, so it’s a lot easier to add designs to it during the fabrication process.

Most of the time marble is less expensive than a quartz countertop or even a granite one. It may look more expensive due to its stunning beauty, but it actually can cost less than other natural stone countertops.

Due to its exceptional heat resistance, marble counters have been a longtime favorite of both bakers and professional chefs. Not only are marble counters heat resistant, they’re also excellent for bakers due to the fact that they also stay cool and are great for rolling out pastry. While marble won’t burn or catch on fire it’s always smart to preserve the finish on the surface of the counter by using pot holders or a trivet for your hot pots and pans.

The attempt to imitate the beauty of natural marble has limited success. The natural process that creates marble gives the stone its unique look. Marble comes in a wide range of colors and hues and depends on the place of the marbles origin. This allows for the many beautiful vein colors within the stone which come from the impurities trapped inside while the stone is being transformed.

Marble has the test of time behind it. For hundreds of years, marble has been used for structures as well as art. Because of its ability to stand up to so much, if your countertop is installed and sealed properly then you can fully expect your countertops to last for generations with the proper care.


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