MMG in the Community: SafeHaven

Located in Gladstone, SafeHaven is a sheltered where battered women and their children can go to find refuge. Last year, more than 225 children and 300 women were protected at SafeHaven. When we heard that the company who previously offered to help SafeHaven with renovations quit in the middle of the project, we at Midland Marble and Granite stepped in to help.Save Haven Charity
Beyond shelter, SafeHaven provides its residents with everything from personal care products to assistance with legal matters. But SafeHaven isn’t just about protection—it’s about healing. Each resident begins their own journey to healing through both individual and group counseling.
After donating labor and materials to help the SafeHaven Shelter with much-needed renovations, we received a touching letter from Tara, their volunteer coordinator.

Dear Midland Marble & Granite,
Thank you so much for your generous donation to the Synergy Services- SafeHaven Shelter. The labor and materials provided by your company allowed our shelter to finish multiple projects and provide our clients with a modern, clean, and functional environment. The granite countertops and cabinets transformed the client dining room from a cluttered space into organized and welcoming dining space. Although perhaps the biggest transformation was created throughout the shelter with the new paint, floor tile and carpet in our common areas.
The employees who donated their time and effort into this project were greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping Synergy Services- SafeHaven Shelter support our community and provide the best possible services to women and children in need.
Tara Syndergaard
Volunteer Coordinator

Here at MMG, we believe in helping our community. That’s why we participate with many charities and were on the board of directors for nine years at the Sunshine Center, a school for developmentally disabled children. To tell us about your charity, send a message through our contact form or call us directly at 402-330-6161.