New MVision Designer

The Midland Marble and Granite website has gotten a facelift! But it’s not just any old nip and tuck—we’ve gone full throttle with our changes to make your experience on our website the absolute best it can be. And that’s why we’ve included MVision Designer, your very own online digital kitchen designer.


MVision Designer

Midland Marble MVision DesignerEver wonder what that sample square of marble at the store would look like throughout your kitchen? The creators of MVision Designer share your frustration, and have made it easy to satisfy your curiosity. MVision Designer is the one-click way to visualize what particular colors and designs would look like in your kitchen.


First, choose which of the four example kitchen layouts best reflects your own. Then it’s on to the colors! Start with selecting a cabinet color, then head over to countertops where selections for natural stone or quartz are only a click away. Wrap up the scene with backsplash and floor selections and then…voila! You’ve got your brand new kitchen right in front of your eyes!


After you’ve experimented a bit and are happy with your results, you can choose to download, print, or email a picture of your new kitchen to friends and family to see what they think about your choices.MVision Designer - In Action


MVision Designer is your ultimate tool for color and design selection! When it comes time for renovation, Midland Marble and Granite’s new website is your destination for choice, price, convenience, and technology.


Don’t have a designer’s touch? We’ve got you covered. Midland Marble and Granite’s expert staff won’t tell you what you need to do—they’ll ask you the questions to get to the heart of what you want your home to look like, and make recommendations based off your desires. When you visit Midland Marble and Granite on the web or in person, you can be certain that we always have your needs in mind.