How to choose the right materials for your countertops

There’s nothing like natural stone to enhance the beauty of any room. Marble, granite, and engineered quartz countertops each have their own set of distinct characteristics.

Two stones with identical names may have very different looks. Selecting from small samples will not give you an accurate idea of what the stone will look like.

Midland Marble & Granite’s selection of whole-slab stone is unmatched in the greater Kansas City area.

Stone Types

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Granite - Durable Decor

Granite provides an excellent scratch-resistant, natural surface. If there were a durability contest between natural stones, granite would be the victor.

Midland Marble & Granite offers a 30-year stain warranty with our exclusive Rock Solid installation warranty.

You will always receive free professional design assistance from Midland Marble & Granite.

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Marble - Originals

Marble is a classic architectural material and is suitable for a variety of applications from vanities, countertops and much more.

Midland Marble & Granite’s stocks premium marble, stop by today.

Your countertops are fabricated and installed by Midland Marble & Granite’s own master craftsmen.

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Quartz - Engineered Stone

Quartz countertops are made from quartz crystals, held together with a resin binder, resulting in beautiful countertops.

The design of a quartz countertop not only brings character to your kitchen but offers performance advantages that exceed other traditional materials.