From Quarry to Kitchen: The Million-Year Story of Your Granite

You may have wondered how granite gets from the earth to your kitchen. If you imagine it to be a simple process, we’ve got news for you: there’s much more to it than meets the consumer’s eye.


The Quarry

Millions of years ago, magma hundreds of feet beneath the surface sat within the earth’s mantle and crust. Once cooled, the magma hardened—this material is then mined out of the ground.

Geologists seek out exposed bedrock for stone outcrops, which are mined using diamond-tipped drill bits. Samples are removed and tested. If deemed durable enough, removal takes place.


The CutGranite Cutting

Cutting the granite from the quarry takes the touch of an artist. In order to make sure the removed granite has the look that’s wanted, the quarry manager must recognize signs that reveal the flow of the granite. Since the patterns happen in three dimensions and the final product will be seen in only two (the table’s surface), how it is cut will change the look of the granite’s patterns. The two major types of cuts are a Vein Cut (goes with the flow of the stone) and a Cross-Cut (cut against the vein). For marble to get a more uniform appearance, the Cross-Cut method is used.


The Transport

Fun fact: granite is heavy. Really heavy. In fact, the large blocks transported from the mine to cutting facilities can weigh upwards of 10 tons. Huge cranes and lots of other heavy-duty equipment are used to transport granite from the source to its next step: polishing.


The Polish

Granite PolishingIt’s not until the stones are polished to reveal their patterns and colors that their consumer demand is gauged. These pieces are then shipped to warehouses for storage until purchase; at which point they’ll be custom-cut to fit the exact specifications of your project.


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