Quartz Countertops: Pros and Cons

Quartz has seen a recent spike in interest in the marketplace. As an alternate to marble, quartz offers additional benefits. But as with any choice for your countertops, there are ups and downs that come along with your purchase. Read on to find out the pros and cons of quartz countertops.


Pro: Low Maintenance

Unlike natural stone, quartz doesn’t require sealing. Ever. So instead of the annual clearing of the countertop to seal it up, you can do something more fun with your time. Like host a party to show off your quartz countertops!

Quartz’s non-porous surface means it stands tough against stains, and bacteria won’t get trapped in the material. When you clean your quartz countertops, you can be certain that they are truly clean.


Con: Doesn’t Hold Up Well to HeatPot Holder to protect quartz

Quartz isn’t the best when it comes to holding up to heat. No biggie—just make sure any hot pots and pans you set on your quartz countertops have an insulated pot holder or trivet beneath them.


Con: Direct Sunlight Can Cause Damage

As you can imagine from the headline above, quartz is not meant for use in an outdoor environment. Direct sunlight can cause quartz to dissolve and discolor over time, so be sure to keep direct UV rays blocked. Pulling the shades when necessary and considering the area of direct sunlight from windows without curtains (prior to installation) will help keep your quartz countertops looking new.


contemporary look quartzPro: Contemporary Look

With plenty of options for colors to match your home, quartz in not only flexible to your style, but its contemporary look will continue to be beautiful for years to come.


For the best choice in quartz countertops, look no further than Midland Marble & Granite. Our professional installation is backed by our Rock Solid Warranty, so you can be certain your countertops are covered. Stop by one of our two locations, utilize our MVision Designer or just give us a call today.


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