Interior Design

Looking for ideas?

Come to any of our showrooms and peruse the inspiring displays. Our granite, quartz or marble are top quality and are available in myriad different designs and colors. See how the best tile setters in town mix different tile and stone products to create awe-inspiring interior designs. Everywhere you look in Midland Marble showrooms, you’re sure to find inspiration for your kitchen or other rooms in the home.

See all your carpet, hardwood, tile, and stone needs under one roof and, if you like, ask for help from one of our on-staff interior designers. You will be amazed at how a designer’s eye can help add “that little touch” that transforms a good idea into a masterpiece. You can even bring in samples of your own to compare design combinations right here in our showrooms.

Whether you’re buying carpet, tile, hardwood, or a granite or quartz countertop, there are a lot of design concerns most people aren’t aware of. These decorating concerns may be:

- What is going to be your focal point?

- What kind of lighting is in play?

- Are you trying to make your kitchen more intimate and cozy, or open and inviting?

- What kind of texture do you have working in adjacent rooms?

- What about color schemes?

Sometimes a simple move, addition, or subtraction can turn it all around. This is what a professional designer brings to the table—their ability to see what others can’t, with a keen eye that can spot the problem and diagnose an effective solution.