If you want a quick, significant change in our home, but you don’t have the money to hire a professional interior designer, then these techniques should help you. The following tips can help transform your living space with very little cost and effort:

  1. Make use of decorative mirrors. Mirrors always make a space seem larger than what it really is. When placed strategically, they can provide light instantly. In addition, decorative mirrors could fill an empty wall. Various sizes provide different dimensions to the room as well.
  2. Choose lighter paint colors for smaller rooms to make them feel and appear bigger. Together with large windows, soft-colored paint can reflect and scatter the light throughout the small room. This helps create the illusion of a much airier and larger space. Avoid dark colors because these make the room look confined.
  3. Use slipcovers. These are wonderful helpers in changing the look of your furniture pieces. You can remove them easily to clean them up, especially after a gathering. Spills and smears don’t have to worry you anymore and at the same time, they bring an elegant look to your space.
  4. Mix up various textures and patterns. Your home belongs to you in every way and your rules are the ones that count. There is nothing wrong with combining heirlooms and contemporary pieces. The entire space would then reflect your style and personality. Don’t be afraid to throw in different colors, pillows, furniture, and rugs. They add character and warmth to your home.
  5. Reuse your decorative items. Check your old boxes of décor in the attic or in the basement. Perhaps there are still some pieces there you could still use. Give them a second chance if you think they can add more personality to your home.
  6. Use wicker baskets. These natural elements are elegant and economical. Their rustic look can store magazines, toys, blankets, and towels. You can also place small wicker baskets on countertops to store and showcase your fresh vegetables and fruits.
  7. Make your space green. Place potted plants in your living space. Whatever size they are, they are inexpensive items you can use to add more life to your home. They add color and they even purify the air and balance the levels of humidity in the house.
  8. Wallpaper or paint your shelves. A pop of color here and there can bring more life, light, and energy in your space. If you have shelves and bookcases in your home, paint them or cover them with vibrant wallpaper.


Give your house a new look and a clean and airy feel with hardwood or laminate flooring that will create a wider space and give the illusion of more walking room. The experts at Midland Marble can advise you on flooring Kansas City to give your house a whole new look and feel.


Explore your creativity. Use whatever items you have or purchase some to transform your living area. It is always more fulfilling to beautify your home without breaking the bank.