Top Kitchen Trends of 2014

Every year, we see the rise of popular styles in kitchen design. 2014 has been no exception. From the top companies like design-build in Everett Washington have come designs like the recycled flooring, to kitchens in the backyard, this year has seen some incredibly creative—beautiful—styles. Here are a few of the top kitchen trends of 2014 (so far).


An eco-friendly lifestyle can go beyond dropping the recycling on the curb, and into the design of your kitchen. So why not do your part to help the environment, and get a trendy kitchen in the process? You’ll feel good. You’ll have a great cooking space. And if the hard-to-please in-laws are over, just take them to your kitchen and wait for compliments to roll in.


Colorful BacksplashColorful Backsplashes

The kitchen, once a room strictly for utility, has since become so much more. Design elements typically reserved for living rooms and bedrooms have found their way across the cupboards and backsplashes of modern kitchens. And what better way to spice up the ol’ cooking room than with a splash of color? Give your kitchen a more natural look with earthy tones, or amp up the energy with a fresh lime green. With the uprising popularity of blue, you can match your backsplash with a colorful granite countertop and cabinets.


Exterior Kitchensoutdoor kitchen

Why open the windows in your kitchen to feel a breeze when you could be out there cooking in that wonderful weather? With the rise of exterior kitchens, there’s no excuse to be cooped up inside. So take your tomato chopping and sautéing out into nature. Even regions with harsher weather conditions have gotten into exterior kitchens. So what’s your excuse?

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