What’s Your Best Countertop Choice?

Have you ever struggled with the decision of choosing among the three most popular natural countertops—marble countertop, quartz countertop, and granite countertop. The countertop that best suits your kitchen is the one that best answers your needs and wants.

Do You Want Luxury and Style?

Luxury oozes from granite, quartz, and marble countertops. These three materials are available in a wide range of edge details, shapes, and sizes.

When it comes to style, they have slight differences:
1. For streamlined and refined finishes, quartz countertops and marble are the best choices in this category. These countertops are fabricated so the manufacturers have control over their consistent patterns and colors. You only get what you expect to complete your kitchen’s new look.
2. For a naturally inconsistent or rugged look. Granite countertops take the top billing here, especially in terms of pattern or color. This is a natural stone , so the manufacturers have no possible way to alter the materials that settled in each piece as it went through its formation.
3. For that opulent finish. Either quartz or granite would fit this category. Because these two materials have flecks or sparkly materials, they are considered luxury stones. They can also be processed to have an all-natural tone, which is why they have that glamour and sparkle that Corian doesn’t have.

Do You Want Low-Maintenance and Durable Countertops?

Low-maintenance living is practical when you have a busy lifestyle. Because you are constantly on-the-move, you do not want to worry about your countertops anymore. It would be a great relief if your countertop does not harbor stains, etch, or even break easily.

Both quartz and marble countertops are the ideal choices in this category because the extremely tough resin used on them result in their hygienic and non-porous surface. You do not need to be anxious about the development of fissures, cracks, or etches over time. They don’t even stain.
Quartz is the first choice because you do not need special instructions when it comes to cleaning it. It is also indestructible and does not need sealing. Granite is the last choice because it is prone to staining (it has a porous surface), cracking, etching, and developing fissures. It needs more attention and care. It also requires sealing.

Do You Want a Green Kitchen?

When it comes to going green with environment friendly materials, all three countertops have something to offer.
Cambria quartz is found in the US. It is a prolific mineral on Earth. It can last a very, very long time. There is another choice. Corian is not challenging to mine and ship. It is also very durable, but it is processed using hazardous chemicals and if you’re trying to green up as many people are, it may not be the choice for you.. Granite is more costly but will last virtually forever making it a very sustainable choice.

Do You Want a Kitchen That is Within Your Budget?

If you want to change our kitchen’s look with new countertops and you know you’re on a tight budget, you should know the factors that determine the overall cost. Consider the size of the island of your kitchen. You should also think about the thickness, edge style, thickness, and finish of the countertop. You should consult with the experts first before you decide. Remember that quartz is the costliest. Granite is less expensive per square foot. Whether it is quartz countertop, granite countertop, or even marble countertop, you will always end up with a dependable countertop. Ask the experts at https://midlandmarble.com so that you can have the countertop that best suits you and your household.

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